How Search Engines Work

Your lawfirm website carries important information that people want to know about. While your law practice is trying to increase business and revenue, potential clients are trying to find legal help. Established clients may have a link to your website from a business card or invoice, but those people who are the most desperate, those who likely already have a case that needs to be handled, will look to their most convenient resource: the almighty search engine. What are companies like Google doing to find your legal website? Say an average person were in need of a DUI Lawyer in Seattle, WA. The keywords that that person enters into the search engine narrow down all the websites on the internet to just those with any mention of “DUI Lawyer Seattle, WA.” How does the search engine differentiate between an e-commerce site selling an airport novel concerning those phrases and an actual legal professional? More importantly, how can your legal website rise to the top of those pages and pages of results?

Once your legal website is published to the internet, it is added to the vast database of law-related and unrelated sites through which search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and MSN crawl. The programs that systematically analyze websites are called “bots” or “spiders” and they jump from one site to another via hyperlinks. This explains the importance of external links–unrelated websites linking to yours–to boost SEO rankings. “Bots” and “spiders” are programmed with complex codes to analyze the entire HTML document for the visible and invisible data comprising your legal website. The information that the “bots” find can help or hurt the SEO ranking of your lawfirm’s website, but it can also be neutral.

“Bots” index information found throughout all of the available websites in the world wide web into a huge database that is very organized. Each time a search is typed in by a user, every website that matches from the library of billions of websites will become a result. The “bots” are constantly working and frequently check up on sites that have already been analyzed in order to add more information to the database. During that split second that it takes to get a search result, the search engine has accessed those billions of sites and processed them in order to neatly present them in a neat list on the browser.

The list, as you may already well know, takes on a particular order, depending on what the “bots” have determined to be the most and least relevant to the search terms or phrase entered in the query. The more frequently that, say, the term “divorce lawyer” is mentioned, the more the search engine will index that website as a legal website for a divorce lawyer. The less frequently it is mentioned the less relevant, as in a Chinese restaurant’s website that shares a parking lot with a divorce lawyer and states it twice on its website. A search for “divorce lawyer Raleigh, NC” will return all sites mentioning “divorce”, “lawyer”, and “Raleigh, NC”. To leave the quotes around the entire phrase will return only results with that exact phrase, narrowing the search and returning less irrelevant results.

These functions are only a scratch on the surface of the complex system of SEO and search engine bots. Lawfirm SEO Marketing recommends that you read more on this site to learn how to increase the traffic and success of your legal website.

About Legal SEO

Adding your law firm website to the already overloaded online community can be intimidating. Your online presence should attract attention and increase traffic to your lawyer website. Lawfirm SEO Marketing wants to show your law firm that there are ways to separate you from the thousands of other attorneys on the internet.

Using search engine optimization marketing will assure that your lawyer website has prominence online. By using many techniques, including coding and keywords, your law firm will receive an increase in profits because of its high ranking on the internet. SEO can have many different levels, normally depending on the effectiveness of the chosen keywords and how much competition there is in your particular legal market.

One key to understanding SEO is to have a firm grasp on how the various search engine function. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three main search engines. Nearly 90% of all internet browsing begins with one of these three players. When a potential client is searching for a highly-skilled attorney to represent their case, they will almost always use one of the big three. Keep that in mind when developing your SEO marketing strategy.

Law Firm Marketing

Lawfirm SEO Marketing knows the key to a successful lawyer website is a high search engine ranking and we will help you reach that goal. To do this, we have outlined a number of facts you need to know about how this attorney online marketing technique works. Most importantly, you need to understand exactly what search engine optimization consists of and to see how search engines work in your law firm website’s favor. Lawfirm SEO Marketing will provide you with the SEO techniques your law firm needs to sharpen your online presence in the legal community and also show you the techniques that do your attorney website more harm than good. You’ll understand how keywords related to your legal practice can optimize the effectiveness of your lawyer website and how inbound links will boost your search engine ranking.

Some law firm website developers believe that after the attorney website design is complete, their job is done. Lawfirm SEO Marketing knows the work doesn’t stop here, especially if your law firm wants to increase clientele. Search engine optimization must be incorporated into the finished product. Because the internet is constantly changing, this attorney marketing technique must be constantly monitored and developed, so that your law firm website can exceed expectations. All of this can seem overwhelming, Lawfirm SEO Marketing recommends hiring legal SEO experts to assist you with your attorney internet marketing campaign.

Lawfirm SEO Marketing advises you not to stop here when researching how search engine optimization can make your lawyer website more effective. A number of other helpful websites can be found on our SEO website links page, so that your law firm can explore other tips and techniques of the legal SEO trade. To become a legal SEO expert, you should always be willing to explore new ideas on how to improve your techniques. Use our advice and you can be sure your law firm website chugs past all others in the legal online community.

SEO Marketing Is Becoming Increasingly Important for Law Firms

More people are going to search engines when in need of legal advice or attorney help. The internet has already replaced yellow pages, television, and other conventional media for marketing as the preferred law firm marketing method. Doing the right kind of SEO for your website could be crucial in having your law firm’s business grow and thrive.

What matters most in SEO marketing is to select the right pages and keywords. Many factors have to be considered, including your law firm’s practice areas and geographical location. If your law firm specializes in family law in Boston, you probably do not need to be found by someone looking for a business lawyer in Denver. It is crucial not to spread the marketing over too broad of a range and to focus on areas that are important for your firm. When law firm SEO experts do search engine marketing for a law firm, they take care to select the right methodology considering the unique situation of your law firm.

Legal SEO Experts

Lawfirm SEO Marketing can only explain so much on what legal SEO is and exactly how SEO can help your attorney website become more effective. It’s possible for you to use the SEO recommendations given to you by Lawfirm SEO Marketing to create your website, but at some point you may want to consider hiring a lawyer SEO marketing expert. SEO experts have the experience needed to know what it takes to optimize your search engine rankings.

Legal SEO experts are given that name for a good reason. They know the various techniques that can be implemented on a variety of attorney websites, and they will use this skill when creating SEO for your unique law firm website. Attorney SEO professionals also have many connections made throughout their years of work, and these can help get well placed links on renowned websites that will help boost your site in the legal news world.

Just because you’ve memorized the whole Lawfirm SEO Marketing website does not mean you know what it takes to form a top-rate SEO marketing plan for your professional legal website. Attorney SEO experts know what works and what doesn’t. They know the types of websites to focus on when it comes to linking to your lawyer website. Legal SEO experts know the types of coding and content writing that works best when it comes to your law firm website.

You may be thinking that if you do your own SEO, you’ll only have yourself to blame if it fails. Well, sure, you’re right, but time is money. If a legal SEO expert sees a problem with the SEO techniques they created for your law firm website, they can easily fix it. If SEO is done correctly you won’t have to worry about who gets the blame for poor SEO results.

When hiring a law firm SEO expert, you should watch out for a few things. No legal SEO expert should offer you a guarantee, unless it’s that there are no promises in the SEO world. SEO techniques change on a daily basis, so one day your website could be ranked number 1 and the next your law firm website isn’t even on the first page. Also, if a legal SEO expert’s only technique is link exchanges, move on to the next expert. Your law firm website needs links that your competition can’t receive as well. And always be sure to check references of lawyer websites they’ve worked previously. This is the only way you’ll know how successful their past projects have been.

Lawfirm SEO Marketing recommends a company called Law Promo. Not only are they legal SEO experts, they can assist your law firm in designing a one-of-a-kind lawyer website that will place you on top of the legal professional world.

You may think that legal SEO experts are expensive, but consider this: why spend so much money developing a law firm website that doesn’t produce results for your legal services.

Techniques to Avoid

You’ve come to Lawfirm SEO Marketing because you want to learn more about how SEO can help your law firm succeed. Mastering the best legal SEO techniques is difficult, especially because each lawyer has their own legal expertise and target region. While you may not become an SEO specialist overnight, Lawfirm SEO Marketing wants to tell you that there are some techniques you should try to avoid.

Your attorney website should always be available on the server. The “bots” of the internet need to constantly be able to scan your website. When your law firm website is no longer available, for whatever reason, your search engine ranking will slip very fast. You should constantly be aware if and when your legal website is bumped off your server. And if this happens, fix it as soon as possible.

As you already know, a top-rate attorney website features high-quality content. Content is one of the key components to a successful lawyer SEO campaign, so be sure your website doesn’t overlook this area. And do not think you can just copy content from page to page to increase your SEO. While it may sound like a good idea, don’t be fooled. Those hard-working “bots” can read this and they will bump your law firm website down the search engine rankings tremendously. This duplication caution also goes for all title and meta-tags. Originality will not only encourage potential clients to contact your law firm, it will help you avoid sliding down the search engine rankings.

Lawfirm SEO Marketing can not stress enough how important quality over quantity is when it comes to inbound links to your legal website. When it comes to external links, you should also be careful. External links to low quality or spam websites are harmful to your goal of optimizing your search engine power.

Finally, no matter how hard it is to resist, do not overuse keywords on your lawyer website. In theory, it would seem to work, but those dreaded “bots” are smarter than you think and they’ll catch on to your scheme really quick. Use research and creativity when developing your legal SEO strategy and your online presence in the legal community will benefit.

Lawyer SEO Inbound Links

A legal SEO strategy does not simply consist of keywords and coding for your attorney website. Lawfirm SEO Marketing can tell you that after your website is SEO-friendly, you still have a ton of work ahead of you. Your law firm must then focus on how to create quality inbound links to your new lawyer website, to lift SEO power even higher.

The number one way to encourage quality inbound links for your lawyer website is to feature good, solid content writing and information. With that said, there are plenty of other ways for your attorney website to receive traffic-boosting inbound links. One phrase you must keep in mind is quality over quantity. To help solidify this idea, imagine you had your legal website linked from a huge news site like CNN. This one link would be worth more SEO power than many different links on websites that have a small amount of viewers.

Your law firm needs to get people talking about your credibility and reputation. Lawfirm SEO Marketing thinks you should consider publishing your own law firm news releases and distributing them throughout the legal community. Another route would be to hire a legal public relations firm who can assist you in receiving publicity (and very important links) on high-traffic news and other related websites.

It’s also time you started embracing new attorney marketing techniques, if you haven’t already. Be prepared to start an attorney blog and posting comments with links on other lawyer blogs. And you must post often because the more you update, the more powerful your attorney blog will be. Also, research how social networking and content websites can assist your law firm website in increasing its SEO power.

Your law firm should also be a part of many lawyer organizations. Not only does this help with your credibility, most organizations post links or articles about members on their websites, which adds to your attorney SEO power. And don’t forget about online directories, like Google maps. While Lawfirm SEO Marketing does emphasize quality over quantity, it can’t hurt to be a part of directories that will bring new clients to your law firm.

What is Lawfirm SEO Marketing

Over 1 million lawyers and attorneys live and work in America today. Each one relies on publicity and visibility of their law practice in order to gain clients. Professional legal websites are the number one way to advertise a lawfirm and boost business. The legal field trails other industries in the online market, but individual lawyers and legal professionals have the advantage of creating from scratch an online presence with maximum SEO power.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization fine-tunes a website to be more visible and relevant to search engines, which translates to being more visible and relevant to potential clients. Google and Yahoo lead the search engine industry. Search engines are constantly evolving the complex technology and algorithms that crawl the internet for keywords, metadata, and links in order to determine which sites should appear at the top of a multi-page list of search results. Optimizing a website for search engines requires analyzing both internal and external factors for improvement.

SEO is especially important and relevant for lawfirms and lawyers because of the high supply of their services. Lawfirm SEO takes into account the firm’s particular legal practice areas, location and geographical scope of services, and unique and desirable qualities. Legal professionals can easily increase their SEO power and visibility by keeping up-to-date with useful marketing platforms like blogs, twitter, facebook and other social networking sites. Spreading your name and company across multiple areas of the internet increases traffic to your legal practice and is the best low-cost (or free) way to market your business. The three most important components for improving your legal website’s SEO power are the content, structure, and established popularity. Most law practices have operated without a website or SEO but already have the material to amplify these three components. Start-up firms have the advantage of relevance and particularity that can also improve the traffic to their site.

Ultimately, SEO is a powerful tool for marketing. It is worth the time and money to fully optimize the website for your law firm according to what search engines are looking for. The legal field needs to learn that print ads or distributed phone books are not impressive to the end user in comparison to a professional legal website, and those type of ads also can’t display all of the information a client may want to learn. With the power of SEO knowledge driving your law firm’s website, rest assured your legal practice sees results in half the time.

The best SEO professionals

It’s certainly of utmost importance to any law firm that they invest into SEO marketing. Search Engine Optimization is no longer an option for businesses that need to be current in their market. Without optimizing your site for search engines, you don’t stand a chance to rank well in Google. The variety of strategies and the implications of each strategy can either bring a website quality, organic results, or can actually destroy a website’s reputation completely.

It is for these and many reasons that we would recommend Law Promo, SEO experts and website designers who have been working in Law Firm marketing for almost a decade.

Best Lawyer SEO Techniques

Lawfirm SEO Marketing understands that you’re probably new at this whole SEO thing. We want to help you learn the best law firm SEO techniques so that you can develop a professional law firm website that gets you results. Legal SEO experts can help you with even more SEO techniques, but if you can’t afford to bring them on board, this list will help your law firm website reach its SEO potential.

Firstly, it is imperative to have fantastic content that is relevant to the intended audience. Having this on your lawyer website can boost your SEO power, but even more importantly, this information is what gets visitors to stay. Without these key factors on your website, potential clients will browse onto another competitors site and take their business with them.

After being positive that the content and design on your website is top rate, your law firm is ready to then focus on increasing search engine rankings. If your lawyer website is going through a redesign stage, do not switch the domain name if at all possible. The age of the website has an impact on the SEO rankings, especially if it is less than one year old.

Now, begin to zero in on some legal SEO keywords. After deciding the best keywords for your legal website, be sure to use them throughout the body text, as well as in the titles. The title will boost SEO more than keywords at the bottom of your body text, so keep that in mind as well. Also, if your law firm is encouraging inbound links to your website, as they should be, be sure to emphasize keywords to all that might link to your attorney website. Keywords in the anchor adds even more to your SEO power.

And while Lawfirm SEO Marketing is on the subject, your law firm website needs quality links from high traffic legal websites. While it doesn’t hurt to have links at other websites as well, quality is much more important than quantity. All inbound links should be topically relevant to your law firm website, so forget about having your friend who runs a cooking blog link to your lawyer website unless he’s being sued or has a legal issue. It won’t assist your search engine ranking much.

And as for internal links, it helps to have them going to the target website or home page. Your SEO rises as more links are clicked throughout your own law firm website.

If all of this seems like too much, don’t be afraid to hire a legal SEO marketing expert. They can assist you with all of this and then some. Saving you time, as well as money, in the long run.

Tracking Legal SEO Effectiveness

After you begin your attorney website SEO campaign, you may think the only way to measure results is to measure your lawyer website search engine rankings. Of course, that is one way, but Lawfirm SEO Marketing can suggest other ways of measuring the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. These suggestions allow your law firm to consider new SEO techniques and will make you understand what techniques aren’t working.

Tracking the success of your law firm website SEO campaign can be done a number of ways. Start with campaign tracking, where you monitor if placement of URLs in ads and emails actually brings new clients to your attorney website. Also, keep track of action triggers throughout your lawyer website. You want to know what keywords trigger potential clients to respond and which words do very little to achieve your law firm’s goals.

Be sure to audit your lawyer website‘s success in all search engines. Figure out which send you the most traffic and deduce how your attorney website could be more successful in those that give you little new viewers. You should also observe which websites send the most potential clients to your lawyer website, especially when you’re paying that website for the link. If it doesn’t work, save your law firm some cash and go somewhere more effective.

After a potential client makes it to your law firm website, you need to track what features work the best for them. Check out the way clients navigate your attorney website and which pages tend to attract the most visitors. After evaluating this, you may want to consider deleting some pages and placing others in more prominent positions. And, of course, be sure to consider what brings a first-time visitor to your website and also what makes them return.

Finally, take the demographics into consideration. This will be beneficial in understanding which browsers they use and comprehend how they came across your attorney website. You have the option to either develop your website according to this demographic or try to find ways to bring in different types of clients, whichever you deem more important.

Don’t waste your time with an ineffective law firm SEO marketing campaign. Upon evaluation, your law firm can then consider how to improve SEO for your attorney website, increasing your search engine ranking.